Summer Reading Quest Report

pdf Report into the Summer Reading Quest (20.56 MB) program help from 18 December 2021 to 31 January 2022.


Public Libraries WA Workshop - Demonstrating the value of libraries

Held on Thursday 27 May 2021 

Link to the Workshop website (registered attendees only). For access enquiries, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Speakers and topics

  • Chris Buckingham - Public Libraries Victoria (VIC) - The role that libraries play in sharing information, inspiring creativity and building community resilience.
  • Ian Phillips - I & J Management Services (VIC) - ALIA Library Standards, Guidelines and Measures
  • Lisette Kaleveld - Centre for Social Impact UWA (WA) and Rebecca Hall - City of Canning (WA) - Community Development Evaluation Framework and Toolkit
  • Jordan Gibbs - Culture Counts (WA) - Public Libraries Evaluation Network  
  • Values and Outcomes facilitated workshop - Dr Dorothy Wardale - Curtin University (WA)

WA Public Library Strategy Showcase 3 - Library Led Learning

Held on Monday 17 May 2021

Link to the presentations on YouTube

Speakers and topics

  • Kylie Carlson (Senior Coordinator Community Engagement and Partnerships), Yarra Libraries and Felicity Macchion (Manager Yarra Libraries) (VIC) - Power of Stories: Inspiring, Inclusive & Creative approaches to community engagement.
  • Brad Birt (Director, Learning Partnerships) Curtin University (WA) - Stackable credentials and trends in non-conventional education.
  • Tom Fay (Executive Director and Chief Librarian) Seattle Public Libraries - Seattle Public Library - learning programs for the community.
  • Diane Tabbagh (Coordinator Learning Community) Wyndham City (VIC) - Wyndham Global Learning Festival.
  • Iyeesha Jetta (First Nations Community Development Officer) and Jennifer Bawden (Team Leader- Willagee Library) City of Melville (WA) - Youth Program: Engaging the unengaged.
  • Jessica Donald (Young People’s Services Coordinator), City of Cockburn & Shayde Douglas (Specialist Librarian- Projects), City of Belmont (WA) - Providing opportunity for all abilities through early years programs

WA Public Library Strategy Showcase 2 - Libraries Supporting Communities

Held on Wednesday 21 April 2021 

Link to the presentations on YouTube


  • Pilar Martinez (CEO) & Chrissy Hodgins (Director, Branch Services and Community Engagement), Edmonton Public Library
  • Michelle Brennand (Director Community Development, City of Fremantle)
  • Michael Piu (CEO, St Patrick’s Community Support Centre)
  • Jodie Holbrook (DLGSC)
  • Dr Joanne Dolley (Griffith University, Brisbane)
  • Soraya Majidi (Library Team Leader- Albany Public Library)
  • Dr Sarah McQuade (Director Canning Community) & Boris Wong (Manager Economic Development), City of Canning

WA Public Library Strategy Showcase 1 - Digitally Inclusive Libraries

Held on Monday 29 March 2021

Link to the presentations on YouTube


  • Vickery Bowles, Digital innovation Hubs – Toronto Public Library
  • Shauna Edson, Digital Navigators – Salt Lake City Public Library
  • Tony Rothacker –
  • Nathaniel Bavinton – Innovation and Futures Manager at City of Newcastle
  • Dr Fiona Martin and Geoff Briggs – Australian Digital Health Agency
  • Ashleigh Pruitt – Office of Digital Government 

Allocation Model Forum - 24 February 2020

pdf Allocation Model Forum - Program (134 KB)

pdf Allocation Model - SLWA presentation (1.38 MB)

pdf Allocations Model - Local Government Perspectives (1.16 MB)


Creating Collections for Future Communities - 29 & 30 August 2019

This is the second in the PLWA 2019 Future Communities professional development event series.

The Future Communities seminars aim to develop knowledge and skills in operational and strategic library practice with a focus on innovation and co-design to transform space, collections and support community engagement. 

View the complete program here.

document Session 1: Ian Phillips - Library Collections (11.62 MB)

document Session 2: Maeva Masterson - Collecting for Indigenous Communities (19.42 MB)

            Maeva Masterson - Audio link (YouTube)

document Session 3A: City of Swan Seed Library (21 MB)

document Session 3B: Shire of Collie Seed Library (8.79 MB)

Session 4 - Matt Pascoe - Marketplace (PowerPoint) (NOTE: this takes you to the download of a very large PowerPoint presentation - if you cannot download or view please try the PDF link below).

             pdf Marketplace (22.63 MB) (PDF version)

document Session 5: Faith Rayney & Elizabeth Robertson - Patron Driven Acquisition at UWA (15.05 MB)

Session 6: James Bennett & Bibliotheca presentations - placeholder

Session 7: Booksellers - placeholder

pdf Session 8: The Freedom Foundry - Marketing Collections (2.51 MB)

Session 9: Workshop summary - placeholder

document Session 10: Summary - Ian Phillips (2.69 MB)


Tiered model presentation - 12 April 2019

pdf Proposed New Tiered Model - Presentation (940 KB)


PLWA Operations Group Workshop - Tackling barriers and disadvantage - 11 April 2019

Below are the notes and handouts from the guest speakers at the workshop. 

The two Innovation Canvases are from the second half of the workshop where we looked at the barriers those with a disadvantage face, as well as the bureaucracy that we and our customer at times face. Those attending came up with the barriers, which we grouped, and listed on the first page of the canvas (along with lots suggested links to further info in the Disadvantaged canvas) then came up with ideas to overcome the barriers. Interestingly they both had a lot of similarities.

Many thanks to all who participated via email and on the day. 

pdf 1.1 City of Kwinana - Community Liaison Patrol (425 KB)

document 1.2 City of Kwinana - Community Liaison Service Media Release (398 KB)

document 1.3 City of Kwinana - Homelessness Policy (383 KB)

pdf 1.4 City of Kwinana - Welcoming diversity community liaison model (Draft v2) (982 KB)

pdf 1.5 City of Swan - Library membership, terms and conditions (674 KB)  

document 1.7 City of Wanneroo / City of Joondalup - Regional Homelessness Plan (3.58 MB)

document 1.6 City of Wanneroo - Homelessness presentation (1.25 MB)

pdf 2.1 Innovation Ideas Canvas - Bureaucracy (612 KB)

pdf 2.2 Innovation Ideas Canvas - Disadvantaged (766 KB)


Library Design Workshop - 7 February 2019

pdf Workshop program (2.19 MB)

pdf Presenters' details (508 KB)

pdf City of Swan - First steps to space and building design (1.71 MB)

pdf City of Fremantle - A new public library (3.91 MB)

pdf CIVICA - The intrinsic value of libraries as public spaces (3.18 MB)

CIVICA - The intrinsic value of libraries as public spaces (report)

pdf Mantric Architecture - Design and build possibilities (3.05 MB)

Resource Furniture (website)


Kay Poustie Scholarship presentations

Video of the presentations from the 2018 Scholarship winners


PLWA Conference 2017

Videos of the conference held on Friday September 8th 2017 can be accessed here. 

Click here for the 2017 conference Facebook page.